Getting Started

Stove Types

Wood - Burns wood only, most have a multifuel kit or a multifuel model is available.
Multifuel - Burns both wood and solid fuel.
Gas - Normally burns either Natural or LPG.
Electric - 1 - 2.5kW models with realistic flame effects.
Stove Materials

All the stoves we sell are either steel or cast iron. Most of the steel stoves have cast iron doors. Cast iron holds the heat for longer but are generally more expensive.

Stove Output

The output is measured in kilowatts (kW). The higher the value the more heat is output and the more fuel is burnt. The following values can be used as a general guide. Please note that where a boiler option is incorporated the output to a room will be reduced.

1 - 5 kW - Smaller room
4 - 7 kW - Small to Medium
8kw + - Medium to Large

General Information

Almost all modern Stoves have an 'Airwash' system that prevents the build up of tar on the glass. This works by forcing air down the inside of the doors from air intakes at the top of the stove thus keeping the smoke from coming into contact with the glass.

The stove dimensions in the listings are for the flat-top version, however a few manufacturers also offer a canopy option. Normally two canopy sizes are available - low or high. When measuring for a stove for which you require a canopy please take into account the extra height.
A lot of stoves have a choice of colours and finishes. Where a stove is listed with a price range the lower price is for a standard black version and the higher price for a coloured or enamelled finish.
Extra features are present on most stoves which can't all be listed but each set of details tries to give the basic information. Please contact us for any additional points.

Stove Fitting

Initial stove fitting should be carried out by qualified fitters who will have previously checked the suitability of the fireplace and chimney. The chimney itself must be sealed to prevent the escape of gases into the property.