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The Charnwood Country 4 is the smallest stove in the Charnwood Country Range. The Charnwood Country 4 is a neat, sturdy, yet graceful little fire and with a rated output of 4.8kW generally can be installed without the need for an external air supply. The single door with the large glass pane gives a completeand clear view of the fire and features a spinning primary air wheel for optimum control over the burning rate.

This popular little stove is available as a wood-buring only, or as a multi-fuel stove. The multi-fuel stove will include a kit, which contains the grate and ashpan. The wood-buring only Country 4 does not require the grate and ashpan, as the wood fuel is burnt directly on the base of the stove, ideally on a small bed of wood ashes.

It’s small and traditional styling makes this a very popular stove in the UK. The overall depth of this stove is slim, and is therefore perfect fo fitting on a hearth with limited depth or in a room where space is limited. It is also possible to purchase a Charnwood rear flue adaptor, which is an adaptor you need when you wish to bring the flue off the back of the stove. The Charnwood rear flue adaptor is a neat adaptor and definately should be purchased if you want to bring the flue off the back of the stove, rather from the top.

A domestic hot water boiler can be added to the Charnwood Country 4 stove. The domestic hot water boiler is available in a choice of steel or stainless steel.

The Charnwood Country 4 is available in the choice of 8 Charnwood Matt Paint Finishes, black is a standard colour, and the other 7 colours are additonal options.

The Charnwood Country 4 can fit a 330 max log length but when stove is Defra Approved you should not exceed a log length of 250mm.


Stove Dimensions
Height 545mm
Width 416mm
Log Length 330mm
Depth 308mm
Flue Information
Outlet Size 125mm
Power Information
Output 4.8kw
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