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What does ECODESIGN mean?

Any Ecodesign stove will need to meet or exceed the new targets for emissions. This will be achieved by burning off particulates, wood gases and by products inside the firebox before they leave the flue system.

What are the Ecodesign and Air Quality Standards?

Ecodesign Air Quality standards are designed to reduce the amount of emissions that affect air quality, stoves and fires will be required to meet new, and harder targets for emissions.

Does that mean I have to buy an Eco Design Stove now?

NO…A full range of stoves will be available to buy in our showroom. From January 2022 stoves will have to be ECODESIGN models.

Can I continue to use my existing stove?

YES…The clean Air Strategy does not state that there will be a ban on wood burning or multi-fuel stoves.

Are ECODESIGN stoves available now?

Here at Brendon Hill Stoves, we are premier dealers for many manufacturers of Eco design stoves. Some can be seen as working models, here at our showroom in Roadwater, Somerset.

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